An Intimate Couture of Parisian Matinées, Soirées & Personalised Events

Workshops & TreasureHunts, Wine Extravaganzas & Culinary Tours

These uniquely individual events typically last about 4 hours & can be adapted to work smoothly in the context of a tricky schedule.



The Dawn of Parisian Gastronomy  with Historian Carolin Young

A tour with Carolin Young is never dull. Culinary Historian, Author & top Wall Street Journal Parisian Guide will lead you from a hearty, restorative & informative lunch in Macéo’s Bibliothèque, where chocolat & truffle loving Colette once wrote, to explore the origins and development of gastronomy as well as the historical evolution of the menu & use of culinary ingredients in the French capital.

Duration including lunch/dinner 4Hours / 2-8 guests

Wine & Dine with Alexandre, Macéo’s Grand Cru Showman

Many unforgettable evenings for private banks, listed companies & international institutions have been organised at Macéo, animated in partnership with our long time friend Alexandre, enarque and raconteur extraordinaire.

Alexandre’s wine tasting dinners are as unique as they are interesting. Skillfully weaving the history of wine into parallels found in modern day business or through explaining the commerce of wine, the value and trade of vineyards, the creation of extraordinary powerful dynasties and relating this back to the audience present. With wines & a menu carefully selected to suit the theme of the evening in the elegant Salle de Bal.

Duration including dinner 3-4 Hours / 24 - 40 guests

The Parallels & Textures of Wine & Fashion with Wine Expert & Fashionista  'Bird'
Discover the beauty and parralels in fabric & taste. Former Haute Couture tailor & current wine writer Bird will take you on a voyage through fashion, fabric and fermented grape juice, to explore and discover what silk & tannins have in common, why grapes are more than red & white and how style influences the texture of wine. From Les Arts Décoratifs of the Louvre to your glass at Macéo - paired with our delightfully seasonal, handcrafted menu
Duration including lunch/dinner 4 hours / 4-6 guests
Les Arts de la Table of the French Empire with Historian Carolin Young

Discover and be expertly guided through the early decorative arts rooms at the Louvre by Carolin Young. Understand the evolution of grand dining traditions in France through the ornate silver, porcelain and glass of the period. Be transported back in a time capsule through the food and entertainment that launched an Empire. - Then cross the glorious Palais Royal for a themed lunch with your gourmet historian in Macéo’s Biblioteque.

Duration including lunch/dinner 4Hours / 2-8 guests

Plot & Write a Romantic Novel - An atelier with best selling novelist Chrissie Manby

British born Chrissie Manby studied Experimental Psychology at St Edmund Hall, Oxford.  Writing under her own name and the pseudonyms Olivia Darling, Stella Knightley and Stephanie Ash, she is the author of thirty two novels including Sunday Times Bestsellers Running away from Richard, Seven Sunny Days and The Matchbreaker. Her work has been translated into fifteen languages including French, and is published worldwide. Chrissie has also worked as a screenwriter and teaches creative writing. She will be giving a new course at the UK’s prestigious Arvon Foundation this summer.

Writing a romantic novel can be every bit as emotionally challenging as falling in love in real life. Easy to read but definitely not so easy to write, the romantic novel requires a strong plot beneath the sweet nothings. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re bogged down in the middle of a work-in-progress, join Chrissie in the library at Macéo, where, in the shadow of legendary French novelist Colette, you can learn how Chrissie’s plotting techniques and tricks can help you keep your readers’ interest from first kiss to happily ever after.

Duration including lunch / dinner 4 Hours / 4-8 guests

Treasure Hunt in the Louvre with THATLou

Feast & be briefed in the Biblioteque at Macéo before setting off for an intense afternoon of wit testing discovery in the sprawling undergrowth of the Louvre with your personal host from THATLou. Flexible timing offered - whether as a morning event prior to a lunch or an afternoon following lunch, prior to cocktails / dinner. Nocturnal options on Wednesday & Friday.

THATLou Food & Wine. From sumptuous Dutch & Flemish still lifes, to animated Italian feasting tables, the Food & Wine THATLou covers a wide-swath of the Louvre & includes Egyptian stelae sending off their dead with poultry and wine, as well as toasting your hunting glass to Dionysus and his Bacchic putti.  Theme  offered in English.

Duration including lunch/dinner 4Hours / 6-12 guests 

THATLou Beauty & Bestiary. Bestiary are 'imaginary creatures' such as unicorns, griffins, dragons but for the purpose of the hunt Egyptian sphinxes, Roman Satyrs, Greek Centaurs, etc. are thrown in. "Beauty" ensures your hunt will cover Louvre icons such as the Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa, but bestiary balances it to get lead you off the beaten track to places like the new tranquil Islamic Wing - - a lovely aside from the mainstream. Hunt in English, French or Spanish.

Duration including lunch/dinner 4Hours / 6-12 guests

A Matinee in the Luxury of the Place Vendome with jewellery specialist Alexis Vourvoulis

Discover the intimate History of the Famed Jewellery Houses of the Place Vendome with Historian & Jewellery Expert Alexis Vourvoulis. Spend 2 hours on an exclusive lecture tour followed by a delicious crafted seasonal lunch in the Bibliothèque at Macéo, overlooking the arcades of the Palais Royal Gardens.

Duration including lunch/dinner 4Hours / 2-8 guests

Booking & Payment Conditions.

All Events are booked & paid in advance. Cancellation conditions  - Booked events cancelled over 2 weeks in advance will receive a total refund or a free rescheduling of the chosen event. Booked events cancelled less than 2 weeks in advance will receive a refund of 50%, & for events cancelled less than 72 hours in advance, no refund will be given.